As a scholar I write about media studies - what that means, and what media means to me. As a public intellectual I bridge social media and health, trauma, and popular culture. I am most interested in using my education to help people. I invite you to come along on this journey.
I study media because of their continually growing and changing role in our lives. I think media are important, however, I write, and care, about culture, politics, and most centrally, about people. Media are rapidly proliferating, highly curated, contested, contingent spaces that so many of us use to make meaning in our lives. My work interrogates the digital, visual, and social media that we proliferate in order to understand more about people, their interactions, and the ways they make meaning.
While I study media, in my work the media are the tools users take advantage of to produce meaning. The object of study here is that which is produced in the mediated interactions in the playful online environments that garner attention of users.
I ask: why do people negotiate their identities, their lives, and there realities in and through media? And how?
I use feminist disability studies and media studies to look at digital discourse, to map the way boundaries are set in digital spaces, and to trace meaning as it is made.
All of this is inflected by identity politics: race, gender, sexuality, class, social location. I invite readers of my scholarship to push the boundaries of disciplines and knowledge to engage deeply with the seemingly mundane tools of the everyday media. I invite readers to see the micro-political tactics deployed each day by "average" media users and to consider how we each make, proliferate, and contest meaning in our media use.

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